Light leaks can affect display quality and the user experience. Prolonged use will quickly damage your phone. So in this article, we give some instructions to help users quickly check and find errors on the iPhone 15 Pro.

Method 1: Using a white screen test

The white screen test is a method of displaying pure white color across the entire screen, which can help you detect any light leaks or other issues on the screen. Using a white screen on is the fastest way for you to get the full screen according to your iPhone's size.


Method 2: Use a black screen and increase the amount of light in the Control Center.

In, users open a clear black screen and leave it full screen.
Then, open the "Control Center" section on the screen and drag the screen brightness to max. Look around the screen and the seam lid marks.
The machine has a light leak error that will cause light rays to leak out of the slots.



Method 3: Using a flashlight test

A flashlight test is a method of shining a bright light on the screen, which can help you see any light leaks or other problems on the screen more clearly.
Turn off the iPhone 15 Pro screen or use a black screen test and shine a light on the screen from different angles and distances. Then move the light around the screen and check for light leaks or other problems.

With these simple ways to check screen leaks, you can detect even the smallest errors so you can fix them promptly.
If you detect any light leaks or other issues on your iPhone 15 Pro screen, you need to contact Apple or an authorized service provider for repair or replacement.


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