Black Screen


You can save this page for a black screen to use at any time. A black screen can assist computer users in many different tasks and simultaneously help optimize the on-screen experience according to the user's wishes.

What is the function of the black screen in

Darken the screen without turning off the power.

  • provides a black screen utility when you want to hide the information and images being used on the screen by opening a full black screen without wasting much time.

Save electricity when using the computer for long periods.

  • What should you do when you are not using the device for a short time and you don't want to waste time turning it off and restarting it? A convenient tool that quickly allows you to click and use the existing black screen on your computer, laptop, and iPhone, effectively hiding content and saving electricity.

Use a black screen to test.

  • Some dirt and small errors easily appear on your computer screen or devices, which are difficult for the naked eye to notice. Now click on the black screen section of to test it right away. It helps you quickly improve and clean your screen.

Help relax the eyes.

  • When you work, study, or play games for too long on the computer, your eyes become stressed and tired. You should reduce the screen brightness to relax your eyes or set the screen to black for a short time.

  • Your eyes will rest and enjoy the beneficial effects of the black screen.

Black Screens on

The website allows all users to download them for free in the desired size. You can use other color screens for free.