Black Screen


You can save this page for a black screen to use at any time. A black screen can assist computer users in many different tasks and simultaneously help optimize the on-screen experience by the user's wishes. 

What is a black screen used for?

Save Power

When you use a black screen, you use a lot less power, which helps cut down on carbon emissions.

Darken the screen without turning off the device.

Sometimes users need to darken the screen to see the dust clearly to clean the device better. However, the shutdown sometimes interrupts some unfinished business. A black screen at that time is the most optimal solution.

Check the brightness and contrast.

You can switch the computer screen to a solid black screen and increase and decrease the brightness to check the contrast of the screen.

Relax your eyes

Black screens help relax your eyes when you use your computer or mobile device for long hours.

Black Screens on

Black screens are available on, allowing all users to download them for free in the desired size. In addition, other solid color screens are also made available for you to obtain for your own use.