White screen


A white screen will sometimes be needed while using your computer or other mobile devices. There will be common uses that you already know about and unexpected ones.

What is a white screen used for?

  • Check for dirt

You can turn your screen completely white to make it easier to detect dirt particles. Monitors need to be cleaned regularly to ensure picture quality.

  • Protect eyes

Using a white screen will be helpful in reducing the pressure exerted on your eye when looking at the screen for a period of time.

  • Check Pixels

The white screen is effective in detecting damaged pixels. It can be used to check for dead, stuck, and warm pixels. This helps to reduce future risks.

  • Find Screen Cracks

The white screen makes it easy for users to spot small cracks and damage on the computer screen. That way you can get it fixed in time and not let the problem get worse.

White Screens on Colorscreens.io

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