Gradient Background:

What's Gradient Background?

If you have the basic knowledge of Text Gradient, it’s quite easy to learn about Gradient Background. In all respects of life, we are able to see the real image of Gradient: the social media app’s background, the logo’s wallpaper, or the website’s background.

In general, the Gradient Generator has the capacity to generate Linear and Radial Gradient images that can be used as backgrounds in your designs. You can easily arrange the colors in the gradient as well as choose the direction and position of the gradient.


 Importance of Gradient Background in Graphic Design:

As mentioned above, Gradient Background has an important role in the real life in general and in Graphic Design in particular. We cannot configure a website without the background. A boring background with a monotone color palette is not able to attract more visitors to take a glance at the website.


How to create a Gradient Background on your own:

As you understand the importance of Gradients as backgrounds, it’s time to get to the main part of the article and instruct you on how to make your own. Actually, it’s not very complicated. Gradients fill the whole area they’re assigned, so they will create an amazing background image.

You can create a gradient image of any value (width and height) by using the tool to generate Besides, choosing colors to generate the Gradient Background is optional. It means you can choose two, three, or more colors to appear on the background.

9 tools to create Gradient Background quickly and effectively:

  • UiGradients.
  • Color Gradient Generator.
  • Gradient.png.
  • CSS Gradient Generator.
  • Gradient Generator.
  • Hypercolor.
  • Gradients Guru.
  • Gradients.
  • Online Gradient Generator.
  • Gradient Generator.


How to use Gradient Background Generator?

The tools mentioned above will help you generate a Gradient Background.

You are able to adjust the primary or secondary color on the color picker control used in the gradient by setting the color value in HEX.

The gradient type can be switched from Linear Gradient to Radial Gradient and vice versa by using the radio button.

Depending on the selected gradient type, you can change the direction or position of the gradient colors.

The CSS code to generate the gradient will be updated automatically based on your latest choice.

You can adjust the width and height of the image before downloading your gradient image as a PNG (high-quality) or a JPG image.

If the gradient image is opened in a new tab, you cannot simply download it by following the above method. In that case, you just make right-click and choose "Save As" to save the background image.


In a nutshell, Gradient Generator is considered a tool to generate the Gradient Background used in Graphic Design.

By making use of this tool, you can create your desired Gradient Background quickly and effectively.

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