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About Colorscreens.Io offers black screens, white screens, and any custom color screen. Their purpose is to help computer and phone users get the most out of what's on the screen, check the pixels, and change the screen color without using color screen videos.

Different sizes are also provided to fit the screen sizes of various devices. Users at can directly edit this and download it for free.

What useful features does Color Screen provide users?

As users desire to change the screen to a certain color, they tend to look for a color-screen video. However, this method consumes much more processing time and space.

Meanwhile, takes that as a strength, as these color screens are much lighter and consume a disposable amount of RAM.

Enter the color code or pick one on the color scale, and will provide users with the correct color as required in the shortest time of less than a second.

The important thing is that users can find us on the Internet with ease and that everything is free to use.

Detailed Color Screen Uses:

Switching the screen to a solid color serves different purposes. Here are the specific uses:

Features of the Black Screen:

  • Use an OLED black screen to reduce power consumption by more than 50%.
  • Switch the screen to a solid black screen to find stains and clean the screen better.
  • Identify dead pixels.
  • Check the contrast and lighting.

All White Screen Test:

  • Allows users to see the marks on the screen more clearly with their naked eyes.
  • Minimize pixel issues.
  • Switch to a white screen to make it easier to spot cracks.

In addition to the black and white screens, you can choose any color in Custom Screen to optimize your on-screen experience.


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